“What I love about stories the most is the power they have to teach us of possibilities that might not occur to us without them.”

—Ina May Gaskin

I have been asked by expectant parents where they can find inspiring birth stories that reflect birth in New York today. In response, I would like to share stories from couples who’ve recently taken my classes. I have many, many wonderful stories to pull from, but have chosen to post these just-in tales. And so, with the permission of the wonderful parents of Mindful Birth NY childbirth classes, I share recent birth stories as new parents announced their births and babies to each other. Some of the tales are short; others are long (the same is true of the births). The births take place in homes, birth centers and hospitals. The stories are “of the moment.” You will read about coping, pushing, fainting, curveballs, doulas, tangles with medical professionals, support from medical professionals, and of course the amazing moment of birth. I have changed the names of the parents and babies when asked to do so, but I have left the stories untouched. Enjoy!


Dear Mary Esther

Elah was born on Saturday 4:51AM at downtown hospital. The birth was natural just like we both wanted.

Not bad considering Elah weighs 8.77lb and was measured 20″ tall. Both Marie and Elah feel great (considering).

We can’t wait to hear the stories from the rest of the group and shares ours.


Looking forward to see …

“I have a long, long birth story.”

Hi All,

We hope you all are doing just great with your new babes!

Our little boy, Hudson, was born May 14th 8:02am in our home, 7lb 15oz. I was 43 wks, long hard labor with back labor as well, …