“The baby is between two worlds.

On a threshold. Do not hurry.
Do not rush. Allow your baby to enter.
What an extraordinary thing
this little creature no longer a fetus,
a newborn baby. An ephemeral moment
…let time pass, slowly”
—Frederick LeBoyer, Birth Without Violence

Labor Support Services

Mary Esther and Mindful Birth NY associates offer aware, sensitive labor support to couples. Extensive research has shown the many positive aspects of having a doula as part of your birth team. If you are considering a doula, contact Mary Esther for additional information.

“Mary Esther, I have no words to thank you for everything you did to care for us and help bring Theo into the world this past weekend. Your tenderness, deep knowledge, intuition, faith and confidence kept me going when I did not think it was possible. Afterwards, Jody and I were in awe of your generosity and patience. Of course we weren't surprised, because that is who you are and what you taught in class, but it was still beyond invaluable, and humbling to experience.”
— Lauren

“What an amazing experience! We feel blessed that we had your presence and help throughout. If you ever need a testimonial, you’ll get a powerful one from us. You are not just a doula – you are a game changer!”

“I just want to say thank you for everything. You were inspirational during the tough times, comforting during the challenging moments and a helpful hand at exactly the right times. As a man, you enlightened me and opened my eyes to a powerful, primal, beautiful experience that cannot truly be shared in words. Our daughter was blessed by having you with us through this magical experience.”


“Essential to our sense of calm and focus was the fact that we hired the most excellent doula—Mary Esther! What, you may ask, would a doula do during a cesarean delivery? A great doula does just the perfect thing at every moment during a birth experience and Mary Esther was invaluable to us.”


Dear Valeriana, Mary Esther and Gayle, Wow. I am still processing the beautiful birth of Andrew and have been writing a letter of deep gratitude in my head to the three of you for days. I feel so very blessed to have had such amazingly strong, sensitive and gifted women at my side for the birth of both my son and daughter.   You each have such a unique way about you. I could feel deeply the special offering that each of you brought to our sacred space for Andrew's birth. As a team of three women (plus beloved Richard) at my side our circle was complete.  It is so moving to think back on how beautifully you work together and compliment each other in this delicate vulnerable process.  I am so thankful for the amount of love, trust and assurance I feel and felt when working with you. 

"There is power that comes to women when they give birth. They don't ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it."
—Sheryl Feldman