“Meridith was looped on them happy drugs Mary Esther described to us and was beyond awesome.”

May 29, 2013 8:55 pm Published by Comments Off on “Meridith was looped on them happy drugs Mary Esther described to us and was beyond awesome.”

Edward was born at 9:59pm on September 1st.

No drugs, no nuthin’, we did most of the laboring in the rental car in front of the Brooklyn Birthing Center and went in at 5pm to find out Meridith was 8-9 cm dilated and we went straight to the tub.  We soaked a couple hours and after it seemed to be slowing things down a bit, got up and walked some.  Our midwife checked Meridith again and was concerned that she hadn’t changed (the baby hadn’t dropped more).  This led to a little doom and gloom centering on what was considered to be a very small passage through the pelvis and the suggestion that we consider breaking the water to hope for a quick drop of the head.  Meridith smartly requested that we do some more walking and that this might lead to a natural breakage and less chance of a cord prolapse.  The midwife agreed and added that we might walk with an exaggerated sumo-like stomp to move things along.  After 10 minutes of sumoing up and down the hall Meridith’s water broke and we went to work on a odd shaped “birthing stool” and things moved along speedily (after some coaching for Meridith to stop growling during the push, that she ought to quiet down up top and use that energy down low)  This worked, maybe a little too well as Meridith’s a fierce pusher.  Our midwife suggested Meridith should lay on her side on the bed to slow the baby’s trip through the birth canal and put less strain on the perineum.  She did it and within minutes Ed was born with no tearing of the perineum at all (a few stitches to a small vaginal tear).  Meridith was looped on them happy drugs Mary Esther described to us and was beyond awesome.  She had the baby on her chest for a good long while before he was taken for a quick trip to the warming table to get a little more suction.  I should add that before this, as I was given the scissors to cut the cord, the midwife pointed out in surprise that the was a “true knot” in the cord.  When I asked if this carried any sort of good or bad mojo we were told it was lucky it hadn’t caused anything to be worried about.  After a restful night we were getting ready to leave when an opportunity to meet one on one with a local leader of the La Leche League was offered.  We took the offer and it was AWESOME!  After some good tips on nipple placement Ed turned into a milk beast.  Also, as I write this to you Meridith is remarking on how amazing it is that Ed’s mega coned head was nearly round after these 44 hours outside the uterus.
Thank you all for being such great birthing peers and have a great time having them babies!



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