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“This Group Saved My Life!”

  • Come for companionship with other new mothers and babies

  • Come to grapple with a range of parenting topics: feeding, crying, sleep, E.C., play & more

  • Come to take a breath in the company of others and think about your new life as a parent

  • Join us for a deep dive into the experience of new parenthood!

Covid-19 Update: New Moms Talk Groups are moving online, until further notice. 

Now might be a particularly great time to check out what we do.

  • “It’s so thin, this thing that separates us. The judgements. The filters. Two hours ago I didn’t know most of you. Now I love you.” Courtney
  • “I loved hearing everyone’s stories. It felt so good to laugh.” Alex
  • “I feel fortified after today. I loved the questions and am so grateful for this group.” Hannah

Summer Moms Groups  are currently full. We start again in September. Please email for dates. click here to register

Toddlers-and-Up Parenting Groups meet once a month over a 3-month period, with weekly listening partner phone calls.

summer groups are full. We begin again in September. Contact us for information. Topics include Setting Limits, Special Time, Parenting Through Connection, Play, Rigid Behavior and Tantrums, and more!

     New Offering!

      The Whole Egg, Nutritional Wellness for Families

      Co-taught with Kristin Lawless, author of Formerly Known as Food

  • The Whole Egg for Parents 
  • Breastfeeding, Sleep, and the Microbiota; Establishing a healthy microbiome from the start 
  • Feeding Your Baby, Your Toddler, and Their Microbiota 
       Email info@mindfulbirthny.com for more information

Kristin (and her son), and Mary Esther after a recent session of The Whole Egg