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“This Group Saved My Life!”

Join us for a deep dive into the community of new motherhood

These groups are a place to process the real deal of parenting, plus pick up practical tips for healthy families:

  • Come for companionship with other new mothers and babies
  • Come to grapple with the range of parenting topics: feeding, crying, sleep, E.C., play and more
  • Come to take a breath in the company of others and think about your new life as a parent

*Covid-19 Update

New Moms Talk Groups are moving online, for the time. 

Stay healthy and join us online. I have been leading parenting groups for 17 years. Now might be a particularly great time to check out what we do. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve been practicing for.

Here’s what moms said about yesterday’s online Moms Groups:

  • “It’s so thin, this thing that separates us. The judgements. The filters. Two hours ago I didn’t know most of you. Now I love you.”
  • “I loved hearing everyone’s stories. It felt so good to laugh.”
  • “I feel fortified after today. I loved the questions and am so grateful for this group.”

Zoom Moms Groups – start next week – meet for 4 sessions, and include weekly Listening Partner phone calls. 

click here to register:

  • Tuesdays – Moms with babies 0 to 1 year

10:00 to 11:30 am, 4 sessions starting March 31st, $60

  • Wednesdays – Moms with babies/children 1 year and up

10 to 11:30 am, 4 sessions starting April 1st, $60

Temporarily moved online: Wednesdays at 1pm in Chelsea at Kids at Work on West 20th street and Thursdays at 11:00 am in Inwood at Bread and Yoga. For moms with babies newborn to 1 year. Experienced moms with 2nd, 3rd, etc babies welcome too!

*Toddlers-and-UP Parenting Groups meet once a month over a 4-month period, with weekly listening partner phone calls.

With Covid-19 containment measures, parents of toddlers are welcome to join our Thursday morning group, 10:00 am.

Next in-person group starts September, 2020. Contact us for information. Topics  for online and in-person groups include Setting Limits, Special Time, Parenting Through Connection, Play, Rigid Behavior and Tantrums, and more!

I have been leading Moms Talk Groups since my first son was born in 2002. They have been a mainstay of sustenance for me as a mother and a source of great friendship through the years. When my daughter was born in 2010, I expanded these groups to offer support to more new parents.  Toddlers-and-UP parenting started in 2016 when moms group graduates asked for a session on Setting Limits with Toddlers. We’ve been going strong ever since!