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New Moms’ Talk Groups

Mary Esther has been leading  her “Not-Your-Typical” New Moms’ Talk Groups since her first son was born in 2002. They have been a mainstay of sustenance for her as a mother and a source of great friendship through the years. In 2011, she expanded her groups to offer support to more parents.

New Moms Talk Groups run for 7 or 8-week sessions:

Wednesdays at 1pm in Chelsea at Kids at Work on West 20th street and Thursdays at 11:00 am in Inwood at Bread and Yoga.

  • Come for companionship with other new mothers and babies
  • Come to grapple with the range of parenting topics: feeding, crying, sleep, E.C., play and more
  • Come to take a breath in the company of others and think about your new life as a parent